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“We want customers to get the information they need to make smart buying choices, and we’d love to have your help doing that. As an Amazon customer, you can submit written or video reviews for items listed on Amazon. We encourage you to share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable.” (Source: Amazon website)

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On searching with Google for the “Bamix Swissline” I came across this entry:-

Bamix Swissline at Amazon – Low prices on Bamix Swissline.

On clicking the link I found many Bamix products but no Swissline. Why do they do this, they may think it helps sales but it only frustrates and wastes time.

Amazon please remove misleading links.

Written by Jake the Dog on July 10, 2011 at 10:17 am

Last time I ordered some stationary from the Amazon marketplace, a wrong item got delivered to me. I asked for a return and refund three times but didn’t receive any reply back for 10 days.

I then decided to leave my feedback (1-star rating; not very glamorous) and within 2 hours or so I received my refund confirmation.

A bit later, the seller contacted me again, now trying to convince me to change my rating:

“Dear Sirs,
We noticed you left us negative feedback and we are very sorry that you were disappointed with our services. We really want to help you and ask you to give us another chance to show you that we really do care about how you feel and the way things went wrong with your order.

We would like to offer you £3 off on this order and also FREE DELIVERY on anything you want to buy from us to show you that we are sorry and whatever the reason things went wrong, we want to keep you happy. If you would be happy with this offer to rebuild the relationship between us, please contact us and we can provide a deal for you on anything we sell on www.amazon.co.uk

We sincerely hope you can reconsider removing your feedback for us.

If you accept our gesture of goodwill, please go ahead and remove the feedback, reply to this email saying you have done that and we will immediately make the refund to you hence you will be getting a bargain!

I hope that you can do us a favour in our effort to improve our services. Once again we are very sorry things went wrong but give us a chance to make it up to you as we really do care how you feel. We want to make you happy in any way we can help.”

Of course, I didn’t remove my feedback/1-star rating. Why would I?

In sum, I realised the power of my consumer rating. After all, feedback gets your money back.

Written by JetteL on June 27, 2011 at 12:12 pm

The amazon review facility is really useful and it recently saved me a fortune in batteries. I was deciding on a portable digital radio and there was one that cost around £30 but for it to be portable, you had to pay £20 for a special battery. Other radios were about the same cost and ran on AA batteries. The review comments told me that these other radios went through batteries like they were going out of fashion whereas the life of the £20 battery was really long. I have had the radio for a month now and use it every day. I’ve only had to charge the battery twice so far. I calculate that in the same time I would have had to recharge AA batteries twice a week.

I judge review comments on the number of times people say the same thing. Overly exuberant/negative comments make me suspicious – I base my judgment on majority opinion.

Written by RadioFiend on June 27, 2011 at 9:31 am

I don’t have a ‘story’ per se, but I have been buying from Amazon for nearly 10 years – so they must be doing something right.

I have had occasion to return goods. This proved to be a quite painless process. No problems at all.

I have had stuff on back-order and forward order (i.e. prior to publication) and Amazon have consistently kept me up to date with my order statuses.

They nearly always deliver more quickly than their initial estimates, so they clearly understand the importance of setting expectations.

Their product recommendations, based on what I have previously ordered, can be a little haphazard, but can also be remarkably useful and accurate.

And then there are the reviews. I have now contributed over 160 of my own reviews and am now a ‘Top 500 Reviewer’ so clearly I find the reviews useful and also enjoy providing my own. It really is the crucial USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, of Amazon. The more reviews the better, as I usually sample both 5 and 1 star reviews in order to more usefully judge the pros and cons of the particular product. Yes, there is a lot of bickering and ‘tactical voting’ in the reviews, but these problems are minor and are largely offset by the sheer volume of reviews.

Allowing other sellers to use the Amazon web-site further enhances the whole experience as it is now possible to not only select from a wide range of products but also from a wide range of suppliers. On top of that, I feel I can buy from other suppliers via the Amazon web-site with confidence, knowing that Amazon in a sense ‘police’ these alternative suppliers.

On the rare occasions I have had to contact them (by e-mail), their response has been quick, friendly and accurate.

Written by Jessica on June 24, 2011 at 7:14 pm