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Amazon marketplace – feedback gets your money back

by admin on June 27, 2011

Last time I ordered some stationary from the Amazon marketplace, a wrong item got delivered to me. I asked for a return and refund three times but didn’t receive any reply back for 10 days.

I then decided to leave my feedback (1-star rating; not very glamorous) and within 2 hours or so I received my refund confirmation.

A bit later, the seller contacted me again, now trying to convince me to change my rating:

“Dear Sirs,
We noticed you left us negative feedback and we are very sorry that you were disappointed with our services. We really want to help you and ask you to give us another chance to show you that we really do care about how you feel and the way things went wrong with your order.

We would like to offer you £3 off on this order and also FREE DELIVERY on anything you want to buy from us to show you that we are sorry and whatever the reason things went wrong, we want to keep you happy. If you would be happy with this offer to rebuild the relationship between us, please contact us and we can provide a deal for you on anything we sell on www.amazon.co.uk

We sincerely hope you can reconsider removing your feedback for us.

If you accept our gesture of goodwill, please go ahead and remove the feedback, reply to this email saying you have done that and we will immediately make the refund to you hence you will be getting a bargain!

I hope that you can do us a favour in our effort to improve our services. Once again we are very sorry things went wrong but give us a chance to make it up to you as we really do care how you feel. We want to make you happy in any way we can help.”

Of course, I didn’t remove my feedback/1-star rating. Why would I?

In sum, I realised the power of my consumer rating. After all, feedback gets your money back.

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Jake the Dog June 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm

Yes this does work with “Market Place” as all the sellers are frantic to maintain their 100%. However you would not need to with Amazon directly as they are very good at customer service, I have had a couple of things I needed to return over the years and a very fast responsive service.


Byron Evans July 9, 2011 at 4:32 am

I to was offered money to change neg feed back. Did not get a reply from seller until I did and then I was offered $40.00 to change feedback. No longer trust feedback on amazon site now that I know that It can be bought for a price, and know I did not take the money! I do not want anyone else to have to go through the nightmare that I went through. And Amszon will not block the harassing emails I recieve from seller even though all emails go through Amazon first. Have copies (proof of bribe offered!!) of all emails to seller and from myself to seller. Beware of false feedback!!!!!!

Concerned Buyer, Byron Evans


Annoyed Seller September 16, 2011 at 7:41 pm

The REASON sellers succumb to this behaviour and put themselves down to this level and beg on their hands and knees for buyers to remove feedback is because 11 times out of 10 the buyer (like poster) has just found out about their new found power, hence the power trip and confirmation of INFERIORITY complex.

@ Jake the Dog – yes sellers are frantic. Why? Because…
AMAZON sets the rules and they are REDICULOUS. Sellers have to maintain a 1 in 100 negative rating or they will be removed from marketplace?!!!

Do you REALLY think its even possible to not have a SINGLE complaint out of 100 completed orders??? Do you REALLY think it is even possible to not get a SINGLE difficult buyer out of 100, who will NEVER be happy no matter HOW good products and services are??

No. Impossible. THEN they hold your funds for 90 days! Yes, THREE months. And this is the money of very new startups, sole traders, or any Tom Dick or Harry simply trying to sell a few bits and pieces. Do YOU the BUYER think about the fact that ALL this persons money is being held up for THREE months because of the buyers (usually) unacceptable behaviour????

Oh, AND Amazon even ADMITS that only 10% of buyers leave feedback. So technically you can only have 1 unhappy customer out of 1000. Oh AND it is a WELL KNOWN FACT that happy customers almost NEVER leave feedback, but UNHAPPY customers ALWAYS will. So the feedback is NOT a true reflection and it probably means you can only afford one unhappy customer in 5000.

Exaggerating, maybe, but you get the point.

11 times out of 10 the buyer is being UNREASONABLE
11 times out of 10 the buyer thinks they can abuse the power Amazon gives them
11 times out of 10 the buyer is simply being ARROGANT.
11 times our of 10 the buyer is hiding behind the WWW, because they KNOW they would NEVER complain about the things they do online and expect some kind of a miracle service.

@Byron Evans
THEN you call it a BRIBE??? So sellers is trying to keep you happy offering you a LOAD of money. REALIZE this is NOT a BRIBE and THINK just how desperate they are!!

You might be unhappy that the item came late, damaged, or never arrived. But next time, think twice when you put someone COMPLETELY out of business because of that mistake, which is usually out of their hands!!

FYI I once sent a BRAND NEW computer to a buyer. The box was damaged in the post, they used it set it up asked me about HOW to get past this and that (i.e. open and using). and then 3 weeks later left negative 1/5 feedback for USED item AND opened a claim with Amazon for the money??! They accepted my offer for £25 worth of accessories from ANY seller on Amazon. Items they wanted not even in stock. We offered a £25 cash discount for “hassle” or as byron calls it a bribe?? (seller bribing customer here, or is the buyer taking advantage of the seller for no apparent reason?). They accepted our offer and then ignored us, so we couldnt porcess it.

Result: Amazon automatically gives a FULL refund despite proof that buyer accepted £25 refund. They DONT ask buyer to send computer back. We ask them to they REFUSE??? Then they say “its not my problem”…

Daylight robbery. I dont see people walking into PC world complaining that a £1000 laptop isnt as described, getting a refund for it then running out of the shop with the laptop…do you????????????????

Result 2: Our account is closed with 59 positive feedback and THIS tore it all down.

Amazon and their buyers need to SERIOUSLY get over themselves and find a way to get that stick out of their………………………..


Steven smith October 8, 2011 at 3:16 pm

customer is always right


Annoyed Seller October 13, 2011 at 11:57 am

@Steven smith:

Thats a load of rubbish.

“Buyer is always right” is based on an assumption that they are honest, reasonable and polite. HOWEVER, clearly your comment does not seem to take this into consideration, buyer must be right no matter what HOWEVER, you make the underlying assumption that despite the buyer not needing to be honest, reasonable and polite, the seller MUST be? Doesnt make much sense to me or seem very fair at all!

You explain how a buyer can be right when they receive a BRAND NEW item with TAGS IN TACT, tear off the tags, use it, get bored then claim it is used and they want a full refund because of that???

Item sent by my own hands!!


KEITH HEY..77 YR OLD October 16, 2011 at 8:38 am

i order a sony nex 5n fromkk electr0nics – amazon took 559 £ 95p out of my account i cancelled the order ,how do i get my money back,,keith hey…


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