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I avoided buying cheap and paying twice

by admin on June 27, 2011

The amazon review facility is really useful and it recently saved me a fortune in batteries. I was deciding on a portable digital radio and there was one that cost around £30 but for it to be portable, you had to pay £20 for a special battery. Other radios were about the same cost and ran on AA batteries. The review comments told me that these other radios went through batteries like they were going out of fashion whereas the life of the £20 battery was really long. I have had the radio for a month now and use it every day. I’ve only had to charge the battery twice so far. I calculate that in the same time I would have had to recharge AA batteries twice a week.

I judge review comments on the number of times people say the same thing. Overly exuberant/negative comments make me suspicious – I base my judgment on majority opinion.

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