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“Google is continuously traversing the web in real time with software programs called crawlers, or “Googlebots”. A crawler visits a page, copies the content and follows the links from that page to the pages linked to it, repeating this process over and over until it has crawled billions of pages on the web. Next Google processes these pages and creates an index, much like the index in the back of a book. If you think of the web as a massive book, then Google‘s index is a list of all the words on those pages and where they‘re located, as well as information about the links from those pages, and so on. … When you type a query into the Google search box, your query is sent to Google machines and compared with all the documents stored in our index to identify the most relevant matches. In a split second, our system prepares a list of the most relevant pages and also determines the relevant sections and bits of text, images, videos and more. What you get is a list of search results with relevant information excerpted in “snippets” (short text summary) beneath each result.” (Source: Google website)

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I get annoyed, mainly with price comparison sites which claim to give reviews (There are many and various). If you enter a product in Google (or any other search engine) a list of sites come up claiming to give reviews, on clicking the link many times this product is not in the listing of the target site which is a complete waste of time.

Written by Bob on June 27, 2011 at 12:13 pm