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A good website, but what difference does it make?

by Admin on March 25, 2012

I submitted a comment to the Patient Opinion website after a rather mixed experience at my hospital. Basically I think the orthopedic doctors have not done a good enough job on my hip. Even 5 months after surgery, I am still in pain, but that’s a different story.

I had heard about the service from my local Link so I thought it’s worth a try and left a comment. To my surprise a member of staff actually responded to my comment (they do this on the site so everyone can see it). While I appreciate the effort, I am not sure though how much of a difference this makes. The response was brief but polite. But I also thought that it was so general that they could have posted it for every other comment on the website. So they may just be using the platform to do PR. Who knows if they really care?

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James Munro March 26, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Hello YorkshirePudding
I’m one of the team running Patient Opinion. Thanks for giving your feedback about us.
Like you, we would be very disappointed if Patient Opinion did not make a difference and was used only as a PR effort. That’s not what we intend at all.
That said, the NHS and other services that use Patient Opinion will each make their own decisions about how serious they are about listening to patients and carers, and making improvements based on the feedback they receive. Some organisations do this really well, others… not so much.
Part of our job at Patient Opinion is to provide continuous encouragement to the NHS and others to respond properly and show how they use feedback to make care better. We do this in person and also in the evolving design of the site. We’ll be adding more features to encourage good responding as we go along.
Hope that helps.
James Munro, Director of Research, Patient Opinion


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