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Attack of the Trip Advisor

by admin on November 1, 2011

Just watched the Attack of the trip advisor on channel 4, I normally would use advisor prior to booking a holiday to get a feel for a place, however the show really shows up what some people are like when given the power to say whatever they like.

The so called critics shown were on what seemed like a personal power trip, scrutinising every little detail, even before settling in, who in their right mind marks duvets to check if they are being changed, does that idiot change his own duvet on a daily basis?, if he does, he must lead a pretty boring life, in fact all those shown on this program were people with something missing in their lives.

When people stay in B & B’s, how can they expect the same treatment as 5 star hotels?

I feel that the establishments who suffer from these self appointed critics should have some form of comeback, rather than just a quick remark on your site, how about setting up a customer advisor site, that will give the owners of establishments the chance to advise others on these serial whiners and moaners, then when they book a stay or meal, they can be checked to identify if its in the company’s best interest to serve such a hard to please person.

I must say that I felt very sorry for those people affected by these idiots, I do believe that we are all entitled to our opinion, but these people seem to take complaining to another level, and I think get a kick out of it.