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Watched the documentary last night and I generally felt that most of the “Nazi’s” who channel 4 selected to be “advisors” clearly have something missing in their lives.
I (I means my family and I) have contributed to TA for only 4 years but in that time I have tried to provide accurate information about certain establishments in order to reassure potential visitors that the location they are planning to visit is up to it; not once have I gone to a place on some jumped-up power trip.
I felt that the lunatic who goes on holiday with his grandmother needs to get out more; marking bedding and getting on his soap box about tonic/lemonade mistakes? Have a bloody word with yourself son; you clearly need a girlfriend/something else in your life!
The couple who were shocked to find that the toilet brush was dirty!!! It’s a bloody toilet brush. And water in the kettle…have a word.
The couple who complained about the food but said nothing until posting it for millions to see? If it had been that bad, surely you would have said something when there, “not wishing to create a scene” is a cowards excuse; you don’t have to kick of when complaining, just be constructive.
The only person I can agree with is the mature student staying in the very nice looking place in the Lake District; some of those pictures were highly inappropriate and not really suitable for families.
Patrons of establishments need to make full use of the right to reply box at the end of each reviews because some people are just nasty and non-constructive and on a power trip.
A note to these people: you are just writing a review, nothing more. You are not special because of your review, you’re just a customer. I suggest to potential reviewers that if there is something wrong with an establishment, tell the managers; maybe they have over looked something or perhaps can’t see the wood for the trees. If when you have told them and they decide nothing is required, then that is different.
And no, I am not in the business, I’m a pilot (before anybody says that I am a disgruntled hotelier etc).
Keep it realistic please. How does it feel to have somebody write about you in a less than positive manner?

Written by J Steward on November 1, 2011 at 2:27 pm

After watching the programme on TV about the antics and views of some trip adviser reviewers….I most definitly feel the owners of places criticised should have a forum to put things in context….it is so wrong that lively hoods can be destroyed by many peoples opinions…some quite valid but some over critical….Everyones expectations and experiences are different…but it does not mean a place is bad…..

Written by Rosie Fisher on November 1, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Just watched the Attack of the trip advisor on channel 4, I normally would use advisor prior to booking a holiday to get a feel for a place, however the show really shows up what some people are like when given the power to say whatever they like.

The so called critics shown were on what seemed like a personal power trip, scrutinising every little detail, even before settling in, who in their right mind marks duvets to check if they are being changed, does that idiot change his own duvet on a daily basis?, if he does, he must lead a pretty boring life, in fact all those shown on this program were people with something missing in their lives.

When people stay in B & B’s, how can they expect the same treatment as 5 star hotels?

I feel that the establishments who suffer from these self appointed critics should have some form of comeback, rather than just a quick remark on your site, how about setting up a customer advisor site, that will give the owners of establishments the chance to advise others on these serial whiners and moaners, then when they book a stay or meal, they can be checked to identify if its in the company’s best interest to serve such a hard to please person.

I must say that I felt very sorry for those people affected by these idiots, I do believe that we are all entitled to our opinion, but these people seem to take complaining to another level, and I think get a kick out of it.

Written by Joe C on November 1, 2011 at 12:03 am

I find trip advisor a very useful site HOWEVER it only becomes useful when there are enough reviews and you can get an overal opinion.
You soon get a feeling for it and compensate for some of the reviews for example:-
If it is an American (USA) giving a review the rooms are always too small if it is europe they are reviewing, this is due to an expectation based on the size of American room.
There are also some reviews from people who are looking for a Rolls Royce for 5p and have unreasonable expectations.
But once you sort your way through the reviews you do get a genuine feeling for the place being reviewed.

Written by Jake the Dog on June 26, 2011 at 9:56 pm

It seems that quite a few people have complained about Tripadvisor recently. But as regular city travellers, my wife and I have used it many times. I would say that is has spared us disappointment many times and even saved us some money.

Whenever we go on a trip, we check the website for hotels and restaurants. While some of the reviews are obviously dubious, you get a good sense from browsing through a few of them to pick up trends and tips. Over Easter, for example, we went to Rome and stayed in a marvellous room in a small hotel right next to Fontana die Trevi – but only because we knew what to ask for when we made the reservation.

So take it with a grain of salt, but otherwise it’s simply enjoyable to to plan a trip by reading other people’s comments!

Written by David G. on June 24, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Long story so I won’t repeat it in full, but here’s a link to it:


In short, we had two fake reviews published by people who never stayed with us – be they competitors or mischief makers, who knows. I was appalled by the incompetence and the uncaring manner in which TripAdvisor dealt with us.

There was a total lack of communication – nothing but automated emails that did not answer questions – and TripAdvisor failed utterly to deal with the matter in a timely fashion.

This is why TA gets such a bad reputation with some owners – they have failed miserably to respond to legitimate complaints of libellous and fake reviews.


Written by Phil Graham on June 24, 2011 at 12:00 pm