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Attack of the Trip Advisor

by Admin on November 1, 2011

Just watched the Attack of the trip advisor on channel 4, I normally would use advisor prior to booking a holiday to get a feel for a place, however the show really shows up what some people are like when given the power to say whatever they like.

The so called critics shown were on what seemed like a personal power trip, scrutinising every little detail, even before settling in, who in their right mind marks duvets to check if they are being changed, does that idiot change his own duvet on a daily basis?, if he does, he must lead a pretty boring life, in fact all those shown on this program were people with something missing in their lives.

When people stay in B & B’s, how can they expect the same treatment as 5 star hotels?

I feel that the establishments who suffer from these self appointed critics should have some form of comeback, rather than just a quick remark on your site, how about setting up a customer advisor site, that will give the owners of establishments the chance to advise others on these serial whiners and moaners, then when they book a stay or meal, they can be checked to identify if its in the company’s best interest to serve such a hard to please person.

I must say that I felt very sorry for those people affected by these idiots, I do believe that we are all entitled to our opinion, but these people seem to take complaining to another level, and I think get a kick out of it.

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John November 1, 2011 at 1:36 am

Just watched that programme, just shows how tripadvisor is abused by mindless idiots. Liked when the couple who left a negative report on the Norfolk Hotel could not stand to be critisised or chastised themselves, walking out when confronted…….Pathetic individuals. The 26 yr old, get a life mate even your granny is a bit embaressed by your poor attempt at bullying others. Could not help but think that the people who write all the negative critisising comments on TA had very little to do in their own lives… tragic really.


I Fernando November 1, 2011 at 6:22 am

Watched Attack of the Tripadvisors on Channel 4. I have to say it has opened my eyes to how the site operates, and to the people who submit their reviews. The reviewers featured on the program came across as being very sad individuals. Obsessive compulsive disorder sprung to mind!!!
The lady(or was she a woman???) who revisited the Norfolk Restaurant, was given the opportunity to standby and explain to the owners the negative review she had written. Instead she got up and walked out! Not once but twice!!! Making herself look both stupid and brainless on national TV.
Onto the man with his Gran!(says it all really!) Talk about having a chip on his shoulder! No sorry it was more like a wedge! He needed his bed sheets changed every day due to a condition he suffered from. However he felt he should not have to explain the details of his condition to the hotel and that it was down to the hotel to ask him! He really has been hanging around with his granny too long! Maybe he should try growing up!
The reviewers on the program were “Wanabees!!!” Of course they are entitled to their opinion, however they should ask themselves do they need to stoop to such a level or are they just satisfying their own “Personnel Ego???”
Maybe they should try relaxing and enjoying the beautiful locations and places they visit! Or is that just too simple?


Mark November 1, 2011 at 9:39 am

I watched it too. There are so many sad individuals out there. I find it so funny that they will seek out hotels with mixed reviews. That 26 year old who was bullied (says Grandma) should get a life , we all know he would not say anything insulting face to face because he would be too scared. Pathetic weak individuals who are losers in life , it is easy to make comments hundreds of miles away and they are no better than individuals who comment on facebook about dead people. Loved it when they walked out last night , because they are pathetic worms.


Steve November 1, 2011 at 9:53 am

TA is great, for the first time in history people can get share there experiences of businesses that are slack on customer services. The amount of hotels and restaurants that fake their own reviews was missed on the program, but the attitude of the business owners left a lot to be desired toward the customer, they seem to think its their right to have a business no matter how poor their service is, they can work 100 hours a week but if they are not doing the right thing then its all a waste.

The TA reviews where rubbish and petty though, I was shocked at the level of no respect towards the customer at any of the showed businesses.


Orla November 1, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Totally agree with Fernando – very sad individuals – their opinion is invalid to most normal people


Katrina November 2, 2011 at 5:34 pm

After watching this programme I agree that some of these reviewers on tripadvisor are much to critical and should step back and enjoy their stay. Having said that I would not stay at the seafood B & B if they paid me. The owners need to ask themselves why they keep getting bad reviews and do something about it instead of insulting everyone who dares to criticise them. I found the man obnoxious and he will lose business if he doesnt listen to his customers.


nigel parkes November 3, 2011 at 4:21 pm

It was clear to see they were self-appointed critics with no qualification, their only argument was they were a paying customer. The programme demonstrated how some people clearly abused the ability to comment freely without any repercussions unlike a professional critic with an industry background. However I don’t blame them, the history books are full of little people who act in such a way, I blame trip adviser, they need to be more responsible in just allowing anything to be posted online that can reach millions of people, I know they give a right to reply which is ok but the damage has been done by then. The concept of Trip Advisor is a good one and I use it myself quite often but as it has become more popular it needs to become more responsible and attempt to deal with people with power egos or pure maliciousness. After all its peoples livelihoods they are hurting. Perhaps limited the amount that can be written instead of allowing people to write a novel.


Will Heath November 4, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Thank goodness channel 4 has finally highlighted what some of the morons who write on TA can do to small independant businesses. I wonder if the awful woman who slated the Forge in Norfolk from afar is reading the reviews on how pathetic and embarrassing she was and if she is I hope she now realises what it feels like to be written about on a public forum! Whoever you are you are quite simply a moron who could not back up her statements and when questioned fled the scene twice! If you had anything about you at all you, your wimpish husband and the friend who clearly thought being on TV would be a bit of a laugh would take out an apology in the local papers to try and redeem yourselves. You are truly sad sad sad people.


Stephen November 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm

A while back I would have been delighted with consumer review sites, lately I am have major issues with TripAdvisor to the point that I have been totally turned of the site and will never use it again.
People who call themselves “professional reviewers” and go around restaurants or guest houses looking for problems just to post a negative reviews and gain a following, horrific and proof that some review sites are a joke and to be avoided.


Melissa November 22, 2011 at 2:28 am

I agree that most of the reviewers were being petty, but I didn’t think all of the hosts were very gracious even before being criticised. Examples: The man with the interest in taxidermy was ready to judge people by the car they drive. The couple running the seafood restaurant seemed quite brash as he was taking a booking over the phone- he explained in a rough manner that he wasn’t going to wait around all day. The same message can be given a nicer way without compromising on his schedule. The Hollies b&b hostess seemed most calm. If these business people can’t take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Normal restaurants get reviewed by everyone all of the time. The B&B owners aren’t used to it because it’s new to them. They should watch “Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue”.

On the one hand, I think that there are a lot of B&Bs that are not up to good standards, but on the other hand, if TripAdvisor doesn’t put these places out of business, it may take the unique experience of STAYING IN SOMEONE’S HOME and turn it into a bland, clean, reliable, consistent experience like staying at a budget hotel. Overall, I wouldn’t stop using TripAdvisory, but I would take reviews with a grain of salt (as I already do).


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