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Who were these people?

by admin on November 1, 2011

Watched the documentary last night and I generally felt that most of the “Nazi’s” who channel 4 selected to be “advisors” clearly have something missing in their lives.
I (I means my family and I) have contributed to TA for only 4 years but in that time I have tried to provide accurate information about certain establishments in order to reassure potential visitors that the location they are planning to visit is up to it; not once have I gone to a place on some jumped-up power trip.
I felt that the lunatic who goes on holiday with his grandmother needs to get out more; marking bedding and getting on his soap box about tonic/lemonade mistakes? Have a bloody word with yourself son; you clearly need a girlfriend/something else in your life!
The couple who were shocked to find that the toilet brush was dirty!!! It’s a bloody toilet brush. And water in the kettle…have a word.
The couple who complained about the food but said nothing until posting it for millions to see? If it had been that bad, surely you would have said something when there, “not wishing to create a scene” is a cowards excuse; you don’t have to kick of when complaining, just be constructive.
The only person I can agree with is the mature student staying in the very nice looking place in the Lake District; some of those pictures were highly inappropriate and not really suitable for families.
Patrons of establishments need to make full use of the right to reply box at the end of each reviews because some people are just nasty and non-constructive and on a power trip.
A note to these people: you are just writing a review, nothing more. You are not special because of your review, you’re just a customer. I suggest to potential reviewers that if there is something wrong with an establishment, tell the managers; maybe they have over looked something or perhaps can’t see the wood for the trees. If when you have told them and they decide nothing is required, then that is different.
And no, I am not in the business, I’m a pilot (before anybody says that I am a disgruntled hotelier etc).
Keep it realistic please. How does it feel to have somebody write about you in a less than positive manner?

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